RoomPlan Web

RoomPlan Web

“RoomPlan Web” is currently the largest development project of our team. At your request, we are integrating “RoomPlan” with the PC world. With a few clicks you can exchange data from mobile devices with your Windows PC or iMac. “RoomPlan” is now usable with all digital media and becomes complete and indispensable in any medium size tourist company.
With “RoomPlan Web” on the office PC, you can manage reservations on PC and Smartphone. Even employees who do not use Tablet or Smartphone, will work with “RoomlPlan” on the office PC to which they are already accustomed to.
In the Gallery at the bottom of this page you can find a preview of some images of our software. The application retains the same simple and intuitive design. The functions will be equal to version 2.5 of “RoomPlan.” You will have the color management, the availability of 4 languages, and all the innovations introduced with the last update.

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